Behind Boundless – An Abbey in Autumn


Autumn has been slowly but surely leaving its mark on London. The trees are turning, the temperature is decreasing, and the rain is getting more intense. I was expecting it to be colder than it is by now but we still have 4 months until Spring… The rain isn’t terrible here. After living in places like Hilo and Seattle I consider myself accustomed to rain, though, so maybe it’s just me. Never mind. Jodi just said she thought it would rain more too. I also haven’t experienced a heavy rain since my umbrella broke yesterday so maybe my opinion will change.

This week was pretty normal. Work, some O2 visits, and then the weekend. I went to worship practice at Wood Green on Thursday and played bass with them on Sunday. That was pretty fantastic because I haven’t played in months. We attempted to go shopping on Saturday but ran out of energy almost immediately and didn’t actually know what we were looking for.

On Sunday we went to church as usual. This Sunday was one of the days where we have a coffee break half way through the service, which is Jodi’s favorite variation of Sundays here. Going to Wood Green has been particularly nice for us because we have had free lunch with someone every week so far! The first two weeks were at the Smiths’ house and then this week we went to Steve Burnett’s house with Alexa. Steve is Glen’s owner- the dog we watched in September. He is actually the person that suggested we try out Wood Green in the first place. After lunch he took us to Waltham Abbey which is just a few minutes from where he lives. I’ve found that I really enjoy cathedrals, abbeys, and old churches. They’re impressively beautiful particularly because when they were built there weren’t any design programs or motorized cranes. There was barely geometry. Also, Waltham Abbey is about 1100 years older than the United States of America. That’s crazy.


 Orange trees!

 Waltham Abbey.

 A closer view of the end of the abbey.

St. Paul’s reflected in the rain. 

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