What Jesus Didn’t Do



Here is a hysterical video that causes you to think about how you can take certain scripture readings or teachings too literal.  The story begins with a Christian listening to a sermon in church.  The sermon is mulling over in his mind as he leaves the service. However, he takes the sermon too literal and when he sees a group selling baked goods to sell in the courtyard of the church, he springs to action, causing a scene and tearing down all that is being sold.  The video ends with Jesus and a Senior soldier looking onto the scene.  The Senior soldier tells Jesus “Well you did do that.”  And Jesus replies with, “Slightly different context.”

This is important when we as believers are growing in our faith.  It is good for us to have faith and a proactive attitude in regards to our beliefs, but we need to be sure to keep things in perspective when we are doing things for the Lord.  Sometimes we can misinterpret what is said in the Bible and do more harm than good.  Take a look back into history and you can find that there were a lot of terrible things that have been done to humanity “In the Name of Lord”.  Unless we are cognizant of what we are doing then we can cause more harm than good.

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